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Mega Energy Drinks

“79 % of energy drink buyers specially planned to buy an energy drink before entering c-store.”

We know most of the traffic entering a store for energy drinks heads straight to the cooler. Do you want to drive interest from your cooler to your high-margin fountain? Sunny Sky’s Mega Energy Fountain Drinks are the ideal solution. Sharing the same great flavor profile as the nation’s top selling brands, Mega M Energy & Mega R Energy boast a powerful punch, but at a fraction of the cost! (for you & for your customers.) We call that a win, win.

Stock Flavors:

Mega M Energy (shares Monster® flavor profile)
Mega R Energy (shares Redbull® flavor profile)


12 months


3 gallon BIB

Mix Ratio:

Finished Brix recommendation: 13

BIB Connector:

QCD Connector- gray universal connector

Profit CalculatorProfit CalculatorProfit! We know it’s on your mind.

Sales SheetSales SheetMega Energy Drinks

“65% – Percentage of energy drink buyers who visit a c-store 5 to 20 times every four weeks.”