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Sour Punch Sip -N- Sour Slushies

#Punchup your taste buds with Sour Punch Sip -N- Sour Slushies!

Satisfy your sour craving with Sour Punch® Sip -N- Sour – the brand’s first ever frozen beverage! Now candy fans of all ages can enjoy the same fruity flavors as the Sour Punch® Straws packing an extra “punch” of sweet and sour in every sip. The Sour Punch® Sip -N- Sour frozen beverage is available in two mouth-watering flavors – Sour Green Apple and Sour Cherry.

Stock Flavors:

Sour Cherry
Sour Green Apple


12 months


(6) 1/2 gallon bottles

Mix Ratio:


Marketing Materials:

Flavor Tags
Equipment Wraps
Pole Signs
Ceiling Danglers

Sales SheetSales SheetSour Punch Sip -N- Sour Slushies Sales Sheet

If you are interested in adding Sour Punch Sip ‘N Sour Slushies to your Frozen Beverage program, please contact us today for pricing & distribution details: