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Sunny Sky Fountain Flavor Shots

Help your customers add a shot! Bonus flavor shots continue to be a strong catalyst in boosting high margin fountain sales. Keep up with the latest fountain trends by offering your customers the variety & control they crave.

Sunny Sky Products offers a full line of bonus flavor shots for popular fountain equipment with flavor shot capability, such as: Cornelius Flavor Blast and Flavor Fusion, Lancer FS-22 and FS-30, Servend Flavor Magic and Flavor Pic

Don’t have flavor shot capability? No worries, our flavor shots can be run right off the valve!

Stock Flavors:

Blue Raspberry


12 months


2.5 gallon BIB
1 gallon BIB (Jolly Rancher flavors only)

BIB Connector:

QCD Connector- gray universal connector

Fountain Flavor ShotsFountain Flavor Shots

“Sunny Sky has helped my company grow the BIB and flavor shot category by helping us with sales calls and informational sessions.  We have doubled our sales in this category in less than a year!” Imperial Trading