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Aseptic Manufacturing

Sunny Sky Products now manufactures Cold Brew Coffee and Creamer products in its Douglassville, PA facility and is the #1 supplier and manufacturer in the United States of low-acid aseptic beverage solutions, primarily selling ambient shelf-stable and bag-in-box products.

  • Multiple aseptic bag filling and retail box filling capability
  • High fill speed, UHT low-acid aseptic, shelf stable, extended shelf life, ambient storage
  • Multiple SQF3 certified plants/redundant fillers – Eastern & Western US locations

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Packaging Capabilities

We have the capability to produce and package a wide variety of products for all your dispensed beverage needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Bottles
    • Ranging from 2.5oz to 1 Gallon
  • Bag-In-Box
    • Ranging from 2.5 Gallon to 5 Gallon
  • Aseptic Bag-In-Box
    • Ranging from 2 to 20 Liters
    • Multiple barrier/package options
    • Multiple dispensing fitment options
  • Liquid Pouches
    • Ranging from 4oz to 43oz
  • Powder Pouches
    • Pouches ranging from 1lb to 3lb
  • 25lb Pail
  • Box Dispenser 



Research & DevelopmentInnovation

Our product development team has a passion for excellence and is renowned for our attention to service and proactive approach to increasing our customers’ sales. Our success is measured by our customers’ success. Whether we are creating the next hot new beverage for one of our brands or helping you elevate your in-house beverage program, our highly qualified team of beverage scientists monitor consumer and flavor trends to ensure we are developing the most innovative and on-trend products. If you don’t see a product you are looking for on our website, contact us to see how we can help you.




Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Innovation Led-Solutions

Sunny Sky Products has the unique ability to go from concept to finished product in as little as 6 weeks to meet the occasional rapid timelines required by new and existing customers. Our dedicated beverage scientists have deep experience in both powder and liquid development and are supported by an industry leading quality control team. Taste innovations and profiles are not restricted by our own brand portfolio, and we have the unique ability to calibrate to regional-specific tastes.

Integrated Collaboration Process

Sunny Sky has a highly integrated collaboration process to develop products, creating long-term trust and mutual benefits. We work with our partners to develop beverage programs that meet their strategic priorities; our marketing and R&D capabilities drive differentiation and competitive advantages for our customers.



Manufacturing Locations

Sunny Sky Products specializes in liquid and powder products for the dispensed beverage industry. Our company has three state of the art manufacturing facilities.

  1. Corporate Headquarters Manufacturing Facility:  Located in Houston, TX this facility is over 230,000 square feet producing both liquid and powder products. It is equipped with multiple bottling lines, packaging systems and powder rooms with additional room to grow.
  2. Midwest Manufacturing Facility – Tinley Park: Located in Tinley Park, IL this facility is over 100,000 square feet and focuses on producing powdered products.
  3. Midwest Manufacturing Facility – Chicago: Located in Chicago, IL this facility is over 55,000 square feet and focuses on producing cold fill liquid juices, teas and drinks.
  4. Northeast Manufacturing Facility: Located in Douglassville, PA this facility is 110,000 square feet and specializes in producing low-acid aseptic beverage solutions, primarily ambient shelf-stable and bag-in-box products.
  5. Southeast Manufacturing Facility: Located in Frostproof, FL this facility is over 110,000 square feet and focuses on producing cold fill liquid juices, teas, drinks and purees.
  6. West Coast Manufacturing Facility: Located in Fullerton, CA this facility is over 30,000 square feet and focuses on producing hot fill fruit purees and powders.

Our strategic locations enable efficient distribution to core geographies. By operating in multiple facilities, we shorten the distance to customers resulting in lower carbon footprint. ESG Policy 

Sunny Sky Products Manufacturing Locations Map