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Aseptic Manufacturing & Packaging


The Aseptic Advantage


Aseptic processing is a processing technique wherein commercially thermally sterilized liquid products are packaged into previously sterilized containers under sterile conditions to produce shelf-stable products that do not need refrigeration.

Aseptic filling and packaging is a process method which uses several state-of-the-art sterilization processes to lengthen product shelf-life and safely preserve it without the use of chemical or artificial additives.

Aseptic processing involves three primary steps:

  1. Thermal sterilization of the product
  2. Sterilization of the packaging material
  3. Conservation of sterility during packaging



Key Aseptic Benefits

  • Maintains Premium Taste & Quality
  • Highest Level of Food Safety
  • Ambient Supply Chain
  • Extended Shelf-Life
  • Reduced Transportation Costs
  • Reduced Distribution & Storage Costs