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Introducing UPOURIA™


HOUSTON, TX — (March 5, 2018) Sunny Sky Products is excited to introduce UPOURIA™, a comprehensive coffee and tea product line made with high quality flavors and ingredients. UPOURIA products allow consumers to be their own barista, giving them the power to create innovative and customizable beverage blends.

The UPOURIA brand is made up of flavored coffee & tea syrups, shakeable toppings, flavored sauces, cappuccinos, specialty coffee beverages and fresh brewed tea. Our team of beverage experts have developed each of our products with consumer needs in mind as the coffee and tea categories both continue to grow.

“We are excited to launch the UPOURIA brand of coffee, tea and beverage enhancers. This brand continues our strong commitment to providing premium quality dispensed beverages and beverages enhancers.  Along with a more premium beverage experience, our customers want the ability to customize and create their own unique, one of a kind beverage and UPOURIA meets that consumer demand,” said Sarah Salvato, VP Marketing and Product Innovation.

UPOURIA will be manufactured both domestically and internationally in Sunny Sky Products’ corporate manufacturing facility in Houston, TX and international manufacturing facility in Johor, Malaysia. UPOURIA products will be distributed globally through broad-line distribution.

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About Sunny Sky Products:

Based in Houston, TX, Sunny Sky Products, LLC is a premium dispensed beverage manufacturer of cold dispensed, hot dispensed, frozen beverages and beverage enhancers for convenience stores, schools and restaurants since 1999. Their product portfolio includes brands such as Hershey’s Freeze, Jolly Rancher Slush, Pure® Craft Beverages, El Nino Aguas Frescas® and Original Slushie Company®.  Sunny Sky Products distribute their products in over 20 countries worldwide.

The Hershey’s and Jolly Rancher trademarks and trade dress are used under license.