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Reducing Packaging at Sunny Sky Products


CHALLENGE: Reducing packaging volume without sacrificing performance.

SOLUTION: Sunny Sky’s distribution of dispensed beverage products requires multiple layers of packaging given their shape and size . Multiple cardboard boxes were originally used to meet Sunny Sky’s needs which are both costly and heavy, increasing the carbon footprint of shipping product.

After evaluating several alternative options to the cardboard boxes, Sunny Sky invested in equipment to shrink wrap certain products in 100% recyclable plastic for their end consumers. This not only reduces the volume of virgin materials used in their packaging process, but also reduces the weight of their products. Lighter products reduce the amount of fuel needed to deliver to Sunny Sky’s customers and thus reduces the carbon footprint of the product.

The Jordan Company Case Study Reducing Packaging at Sunny Sky Products May 2022

An added benefit of performing this research and investment in packaging alternatives is the automation of the packaging process. Lighter products and increased automation reduce the potential for worker strain, improving the working conditions in Sunny Sky’s manufacturing plants. Sunny Sky continues to look across their product packaging and shipping materials to identify opportunities to reduce weight and plastic use and improve recyclability.

“It is great to see the benefits of our corporate focus and the impact it can have for the environment, our employees and our customers. We continue to collaborate with our customers and vendors in identifying and implementing additional sustainability opportunities.”


The Jordan Company is a Strategic Partner of Sunny Sky Products and we are proud to be working with such a great team as we implement new ESG policies. Click on the button below to download a copy of TJC’s full report.

The Jordan Company 2022 ESG Report Cover