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Sunny Sky Products Coronavirus Preparedness 3.15.2020


To our valued customers,

Given the concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to write and share with you a high-level summary of our preparedness.

Sunny Sky Products has a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and have been working tirelessly to solidify our plans for this pandemic.  These plans provide us a roadmap to prepare for, respond to, and maintain operations under a wide variety of circumstances.  We will continue to operate in a manner that is both safe for our employees and allows us to continue to serve our customers and fulfill all order commitments.

Here are a few items associated with Sunny Sky Products’ continuity planning:

  • Our accounting, sales, marketing and back office employees have the technology to work from home when necessary and our production facilities, offices and distribution centers are located throughout several cities across the United States and Asia. We are encouraging those who can work from home to do so for the time being.
  • For those who cannot work from home, employees performing common roles and whom work in close proximity to each other have been broken down into multiple “Teams”.  These Teams will now be separated and work different shifts for added redundancy.  This is critical because if someone on a designated Team contracts the virus, we will maintain adequate staffing while the infected team is quarantined for 14 days.
  • We have implemented daily temperature testing of all employees and visitors entering our facilities.
  • Our offices and common areas are being sanitized daily (this has always happened in our food processing areas).
  • We have been actively following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and monitoring additional guidance in affected regions. We also have informed our employees of best practices in health and hygiene.

We are working with customers to determine changes in demand so we are prepared for any potential impact the coronavirus may have on your business. Here are some of the questions we’ve discussed:

  • What additional cleaning procedures are you doing around the dispensed beverage area?  How are you communicating this extra cleaning to your customer base?
  • Are you suspending your refillable cup program?
  • Are you providing napkins, tissues or other touch barriers to assist customers in dispensing self-service products?
  • What changes are you making to your store inventory levels and how are you updating these adjustments with your distributor partners?
  • Are you using our zip locking tea liners to improve sanitation and prevent accidental contamination?

Sunny Sky has prepared its operations to address unexpected disruptions and remains ready to offer support and ensure we get through this crisis together. In closing, based on what we know today, we are confident that we are prepared to adapt to ensure that our employees are safe, we will be able to maintain business integrity, and we will continue to be able to serve you.

All the best,

W. Ashley Edens
Chief Executive Officer