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New Product: UPOURIA Frappe Mix

HOUSTON, TX — (February 24, 2022) Sunny Sky Products, LLC. announces the launch of the anticipated UPOURIA® Frappe Mixes. Crafted from premium ingredients, this versatile frappe mix features high quality ingredients with rich and bold flavors. This all-in-one mix is easy to use and can be prepared Iced, Hot, Blended and in a Granita machine for...

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Sunny Sky Products Launches REESE’S Hot Chocolate!

HOUSTON, TX -- (September 29, 2021) Sunny Sky Products, LLC. announces the relaunch of the anticipated brand-new REESE’S Hot Chocolate as well as the reformulated REESE’S Freeze. Both products are made with HERSHEY’S cocoa and staying true to the brand’s origins, the new and improved REESE’S dispensed beverages are the perfect combination of chocolate...

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REESE'S Freeze & REESE'S Hot Chocolate - New Formula & Flavor

Sunny Sky Products launches REESE’S Freeze!

HOUSTON, TX -- (June 10, 2020) Sunny Sky Products, LLC. announces the launch of the anticipated REESE’S Freeze. Staying true to the brand’s origins, the new REESE’S Freeze is the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter flavor. Sunny Sky Products is a proud licensing partner of The Hershey Company and currently offers a multitude of branded...

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Sunny Sky® Products Acquires Beverage Manufacturer Amfotek®

Sunny Sky® Products Acquires Beverage Manufacturer AMFOTEK® Sunny Sky® Products announced today the acquisition of dispensed beverage manufacturer AMFOTEK.  AMFOTEK is a leading developer and manufacturer of dispensed beverages – with specialization in powder-based products, including hot chocolates, cappuccinos, smoothies, teas, and lemonades. AMFOTEK...

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Welch’s Frozen – Refreshing, Meet Frozen

HOUSTON, TX — (May 2, 2019) Sunny Sky Products, LLC. has partnered with Welch Foods, Inc. to launch a new line of frozen uncarbonated beverages, Welch’s Frozen. Made with 3% fruit juice, Welch’s Frozen was developed with Welch’s notable fruit flavors in mind so that consumers can now enjoy their favorite Welch’s flavors in a frozen beverage format. Welch’s...

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Pure Craft Beverages™ Bubbler Program. Crafted For You™.

HOUSTON, TX -- (July 10, 2018) Sunny Sky Products, LLC. is excited to introduce the new line extension from Pure Craft Beverages™. The new Pure line includes hand-crafted bubbler juices, teas, and lemonades that will give consumers the ultimate beverage experience they have been craving. With a wide range of flavors offered, Pure Craft Beverages boasts superior...

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